About us
Bridge Education is an educational and school administrative staff recruitment agency. It works as a bridge between educators and educational institutions. Making the whole hiring process speedy and smooth. The agency recruits competent teachers from various institutions that provide degrees in the field of Education. One of its kind is Rise Max College of Education, Faridabad.
The team guides candidates as well as employers throughout the process once they reflected their needs to the agency. The educators can apply to multiple schools and for their desired posts because we recruit to all designations from Pre Primary to PGTs, by defining them subject-wise in order to maintain transparency and professionalism. Besides, make hiring smooth for both.

A brain-child of
Mr. Anil Rawal

Bridge Education is the brainchild of Mr. Anil Rawal. He is an experienced, empathetic, ingenious educationist,  who understands the industry brilliantly. Through his experience, he realized the gap in the industry from both ends. He pondered upon all the differences and challenges faced by candidates and institutions in the hiring process. So, to effectively work toward the gap, to minimize their hassle, and to accelerate the hiring process Mr. Rawal established Bridge Education. As his vision was crystal clear to his mind, he thoughtfully chose the name ‘Bridge’ which simply signifies connecting two segments together to make it worthwhile.  
Meet And Greet With Our Institutions
We are proudly introducing you to our institutions that expertly describe us. So, know us through our institutions.


Our vision is to do the welfare of society through education. Together, through education, we can bring positive change in society. The byproduct of this vision will come out as it escalates career opportunities for educators and simultaneously aids schools to find educators with a mindset of a reformer that adds stars to the students’ shoulders. We are constantly focusing on making the process of job-hunting more smooth for those in the field of pedagogical practices.


Bridge Education aims to dig out all the proficient educators who can contribute to society through the budding next generation. We introduce ambitious educators to desirous employers. Products of various institutions get hired in prominent schools of the nation through a well-designed process of screening. The agency sieve and review competent educators and administrators and recommend them to schools in order to provide them with quality staff.


  1. Bridge - As the name suggests, we possess the qualities of the bridge i.e. Durability, inclusivity, and innovation.
  2. Welfare - Our end goal is simple, that is the welfare of society, and it begins with the good education of students. For which, both educators and employers are in charge.
  3. Innovation in Education - we prioritise introducing ongoing innovations. So our educators and employers stay woke and walk with this post-modern age every single step.

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